Age 15+

When you coach older kids, the game gets more complex. Not only are players competing for spots on their travel and high school teams; but they’re also thinking about their long-term future and whether or not baseball is going to be included in it. Some players want to play at the college level and some might even have professional ambitions. In addition, you’ll be coaching players who are at an age where they’re at their most impressionable and simultaneously – their most fragile. Sounds easy, right?

That’s why our team here at has put together a 10-week practice plan for you to implement. Not only will it help you put productive practices together, but our in-depth video library will also help supplement those plans, so that you offer as well rounded an experience as possible. You’ll get to see the drills and activities in action – but you’ll also receive guidance on how to deal with the plethora of off-the-field issues that you encounter at this age level.

10 Weeks Practice Plans with Reference to Videos for the Entire Season


  • Catchers' game strategy, calling pitches5 video(s)
  • Learn how to position on the field for his advantage3 video(s)
  • Knowledge of infield depth. Can do it when coach instructs1 video(s)
  • Can use sunglasses on the field and still catch fly balls1 video(s)
  • Skills normally introduced at other ages See details