Age 10-12

Developmentally, the 10-12 year old age group presents many challenges – both physically and emotionally. For the first time, they’ll compete for playing time and do so while playing with players who are a year or two older than them. In addition, they’ll also be dealing with the normal emotional and physical changes that a 10-12 year old’s kid is going through. Coaching them on the field will be challenging, but it’s at this level, that things off the field begin to carry over into the dugout.’s 10-week practice plans will help you as a coach meet players where they’re at – regardless of skill level. Not all 12 years old players are created equal and as such – you’ll need to deploy drills and activities that can blend with a wide range of abilities, talents and personalities. Even better – we supply you with a deep video library of skills and drills that help bring those plans to life – so you get a chance to see for yourself exactly how to execute each activity.

10 Weeks Practice Plans with Reference to Videos for the Entire Season