Duration Activities Video References
20 minutes Pre-Practice Discussions – Team & Coaching Staff introductions. Discuss team rules with both players and parents, set expectations for the season, discuss practice and game schedules, collect all contact information from parents, explain communication protocol between parents and coaches, and discuss any rule changes for league/new division with players and parents.
15 minutes Pre-Practice Warm-Ups – It is important to start all practices with a warm-up and set routine, including stretching, jog/sprint running and throwing. (As a team down the right field or left field foul line.)
20 minutes Individual Position Work (4 stations) — Session Reference #503 • Station 1: Outfield Fundamentals (down right field/left field foul line)
• Station 2: First baseman footwork/receiving throws & balls in dirt (at 1st base)
• Station 3: Second baseman, 3rd baseman and shortstop (at SS and 3rd base area)
• Station 4: Catchers receiving, throwing to 2nd & blocking drills (at home plate)
15 minutes Infield/Outfield Session
Session Reference #501
-2 full rounds of infield/outfield pregame session with players in their primary positions, then another 2 full rounds of I/O with players in their secondary positions.
30 minutes Bunting/Hitting Rounds — Session Reference #509– Divide team into hitting groups. Each group has 4 rounds each.

• Round 1: Sacrifice Bunts (5 Bunts each)
• Round 2: Bunt for Base Hit (5 Bunts each)
• Round 3: Situational Hitting (7 swings each)
• Round 4: Free Round- contact hitting to get on base (7 swings each)


Pitcher/Catcher Bullpen Session With catcher in full gear, have pitchers (1 or 2 at a time based on catcher and bullpen availability) throw 30-40 pitches focusing on pitching mechanics and rhythm in the following sequence:

• Pitches 1-7, fastball to middle of the plate to outside corner
• Pitches 8-14, fastball to middle of the plate to inside corner
• Pitches 15-30, combination of change-up and breaking pitch, for strikes
• Pitches 31-40, throw to simulated batter, using all pitches

20 minutes
Simulated Game Situations
• Set players in their infield/outfield positions
• Have 4-5 runners available to simulate game speed situations
• Coach will simulate live game situations by hitting ball into play. Focus should be on both proper base running during situations, and proper defensive positioning play, including proper coverage, back up bases, cut-offs and relay throws.
• Rotate defensive players and base runners every 6-9 outs.


Activity Video References
Catching & Fielding: 
Review videos on how to position yourself on the field for advantage


Drill Name Description
501 Infield/Outfield Session   1. Coaches will place players (except pitchers) in their primary game infield/outfield positions. The coach will then hit ground balls/fly balls to the outfielders, starting at LF. The outfielders will then make throws to 2nd base.After all of the outfielders have made the plays and throws to 2nd  base, then repeat this process until the outfielders have made throws to 3rd base and Home Plate. Once all of the plays and throws have been completed, the outfielders will then run to the dugout.2. Once the outfield session is completed, the catcher will then begin the “Around the Horn” throws (home to 3rd, 3rd to 2nd, 2nd to SS, SS to 1st, and 1st to home, repeat 2-3 times.3. The coach will then begin hitting ground balls to the infielders, starting at 3rd base. The players will make throws first to home, then to 1st and then to 2nd for double plays (Turning 2). Repeat this for every infield position. 2-3 rounds.4. The final round of infield starts with the coach hitting one ball to the infielders, in a deep position at back of infield making a long throw to 1st base, then drops a slow roller where the infielder charges and makes play to 1st base. The 1st baseman will make his throws to the catcher at home plate. 

After each round the coach should roll a ball in front of home plate and the catcher should make throws to 1st base.

If not a pre-game I/O session, repeat this session with the players in their secondary positions.

503 Individual Position Work (4 stations)
    • Station 1: Outfield Work (down right field or left field line)

1. With a bucket of balls, outfielders will line up on the foul line in their ready positions each receiving shallow pop flys thrown by the coach to their glove side, throwing side and balls hit directly behind them. This drill is to be worked in a rapid rotation, with each player receiving 10-15 balls in each of the 3 angles.
2. The second part of the outfield position work has the coach standing on right/left field foul line with outfielders standing approximately 50’ away. Coach will then roll or hit fungo ground balls with the outfielders charging hard to catch and set up in a crow-hop throwing position, then returning to the end of the line. This drill is to be done in a rapid rotation. During this time, each player should receive approximately 25-50 repetitions.

    • Station 2: First Baseman Footwork and Receiving Throws in the Dirt (at 1st base)

With a bucket of balls and coach standing approximately 25’ away from the bag, from the 2nd base, 3rd base and shortstop angles. The first baseman will start in the ready position approximately 8-10’ from the bag. On the coach’s command, the first baseman will break towards the bag, the coach will throw balls simulating receiving good throws as well as bad throws and throws in the dirt from the 2nd baseman, 3rd baseman and shortstop. First baseman should focus on proper footwork setup and receiving the ball with the proper foot (non-glove side foot) on the bag. This drill should be worked in a rapid rotation with each player receiving 10-15 balls from each of the 3 routine infield angles. During this time, each player should receive 50-70 throws.

    • Station 3: 2nd Baseman, 3rd Baseman & Shortstop Infield Work

1. Players will pair up with one another about 10’-15’ apart in a stationary athletic position, and roll balls back and forth to their partner, simulating receiving routine ground balls, back-hand ground balls, and glove side ground balls focusing on proper glove hand and throwing hand placement.
2. Players will repeat drills similarly to first drill set, but will now add proper footwork into different ground ball fielding position. During this time, each player should receive approximately 50-75 fielding repetitions.

    • Station 4: Catchers Receiving and Blocking Drills (at home plate)

1. With a bucket of balls and a coach standing approximately 15’-20’ away, between the pitching mound and home plate, each catcher will set-up in a proper receiving position. Coach will then throw 10-15 balls to each catcher.
2. In this round, the catcher will practice receiving and framing balls thrown to the inside and outside corners, down the middle, and balls thrown below the knee.
3. The third round will have the catcher incorporate blocking balls in the dirt to each of the positions listed in round 2.
These drills should be done in a rapid rotation. During this time, each player should receive approximately 75 fielding repetitions.

509 Bunting/Hitting 4 Rounds  Divide team into hitting groups. Each group has 4 rounds each.

Round 1: Sacrifice Bunts (5 Bunts each)

Round 2: Bunt for Base Hit (5 Bunts each)

Round 3: Situational Hitting- hitting behind runner & hit and run (7 swings each)

Round 4: Free Round- contact hitting to get on base, emphasize hitting the ball on the ground or line drives.

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