Age 13-14

Teaching players in this age group requires striking a balance between demanding proper execution of fundamental skills while introducing new, more intricate skills to your players. It’s at this age that they’ll learn how to take balls to the opposite field. It’s at this age that they’ll learn secondary pitches. It’s at this age that they’ll begin to learn signs and shifts. It’s also at this age that they’ll make the decision as to whether they’ll continue to stick with baseball through the remainder of their athletic careers or if they’ll discard it for another.

Our 10-week Practice Plan will help you not only develop these more advanced skills, but also keep things the way they should be – fun and engaging. Sure, you’ll start to see a talent gap in your players, but with our help you’ll be able to help your best players take their game to the next level without leaving anyone behind.

Our plans will keep you on track and on-pace; but with the videos there to supplement what you’re doing – you’ll be able to see the drills for yourself and know exactly how to implement them.

10 Weeks Practice Plans with Reference to Videos for the Entire Season


  • More mental strength development; Dealing with difficult situation9 video(s)
  • Skills normally introduced at other ages See details

  • Handle mental aspectis - tough situations2 video(s)
  • Is able to plan and execute proper hitting routine during daily batting practice4 video(s)
  • Advanced ability to react to game situation2 video(s)
  • Ability to place bat at proper angle and time to sacrifice and base hit13 video(s)
  • Skills normally introduced at other ages See details