Pitching & Throwing

Age 4-6

04:05 min.
Knee Drill By RFierbaugh
04:58 min.
Youth T-Drill By RFierbaugh
02:00 min.
Throwing Over the Top By SPerlozzo
03:00 min.
Throwing Basics for Beginners By RFierbaugh
02:41 min.
Throwing Fundamentals with Shoulder Rotation By RFierbaugh
06:41 min.
Field Goal Drill By Kevin
03:26 min.
Field Goal Drill With A Circle By Kevin
05:35 min.
Target Drill By Kevin
02:56 min.
T Ball - Throwing Overhand By SPerlozzo
03:05 min.
T Ball - Basic Throwing By SPerlozzo
05:25 min.
T Ball - Stepping Towards Your Target By SPerlozzo

Age 7-9

18:37 min.
Chapter 3 - Different Pitches By GPatterson
03:39 min.
Flat Ground Series #1 - Stand Up Drill By MBillek
02:52 min.
Flat Ground Series #2 - Knee to Knee Drill By MBillek
03:26 min.
Flat Ground Series #3 - Balance Drill By MBillek
03:02 min.
Flat Ground Series #4 - Wind Up Drill By MBillek
02:08 min.
Fastball Grips Introduction By SEllis
02:36 min.
Which Side of the Mound Do You Throw From By SEllis
04:14 min.
Balance Beam Drill By CHernandez
02:23 min.
Elements of a Good Fastball By GPatterson
02:40 min.
2 and 4 Seam Fastballs By GPatterson
02:29 min.
4 Seam Fastball Grip By NContreras
01:12 min.
Importance of Good Direction By CHernandez
01:05 min.
Creating Good Arm Action By CHernandez
05:10 min.
Knowing When Enough is Enough By CHernandez
03:12 min.
Pitcher Body Position - Stay Back By JWrigley
01:17 min.
2 Seam Fastball Grip By NContreras
01:21 min.
Fastball Grips By NContreras
01:59 min.
Getting to Balance in the Windup By NContreras
01:15 min.
Windup Direction By NContreras
10:14 min.
More Often, Less Exertion By LMazzone
05:30 min.
Pitching Out of Stretch By LMazzone
06:02 min.
Command Down And Away By LMazzone
02:27 min.
Biomechanical Approach to Pitching By GPatterson
01:59 min.
Chest Over Toe By RHalladay
01:17 min.
Misconception about Tommy John Surgery By RHalladay
04:16 min.
Arm Protection for Pitchers By RHalladay
02:59 min.
Proper Arm Path By RHalladay

Age 10-12

02:29 min.
Upper Body Rotational Drill By MBillek
02:24 min.
Lower Half Follow Through By MBillek
01:56 min.
Riding the Back Leg Down Hill By SEllis
01:55 min.
Tuck and Go Stride By SEllis
01:10 min.
Covering 1st Base By JCumberland
02:49 min.
Covering 1st Base on a Tweener By CHernandez
01:13 min.
Fielding A Come Backer and Throw to 1st Base By JWare
01:56 min.
Covering 1st Base By JWare
04:57 min.
Fastball Command By LMazzone
03:44 min.
Change of Speeds By LMazzone
01:50 min.
Knee To Knee By RHalladay
02:04 min.
Lower Half Landing Position By RHalladay
02:06 min.
Load and Go By RHalladay
04:13 min.
Pitcher Fielding Their Positions #2 - Cover 1st Base By Kevin

Age 13-14

02:03 min.
By MBillek
01:38 min.
Flat Ground Slide Step By MBillek
06:30 min.
Pitcher's Throwing Program By MBillek
02:25 min.
Pregame Warm-Up Routine By JJohnson
01:44 min.
Watching Games Between Appearances By JJohnson
01:18 min.
Inside Move to 2nd Base By SEllis
01:44 min.
Importance of Long Toss By JJohnson
02:02 min.
Getting Hitters Out Throwing Any Speed By JJohnson
02:20 min.
Proper Use of the Workout Room By JJohnson
02:01 min.
Holding Runner at 1st Base By JJohnson
02:18 min.
Pitching Command By SEllis
01:41 min.
Hiding the Ball By SEllis
02:02 min.
Throwing Breaking Balls By SEllis
02:45 min.
Pitchers Daily Routine By SEllis
01:30 min.
Pitcher Tempo By JCumberland
01:21 min.
Change-Up By JCumberland
02:51 min.
4 Part Delivery Drill By GPatterson
03:52 min.
Pick-Off Moves to First Base By GPatterson
00:48 min.
The Foundation for the Complete Pitcher By GPatterson
00:57 min.
Throwing Strikes By CHernandez
01:50 min.
Pregame Preparation By CHernandez
03:40 min.
Start to Start Routine By CHernandez
02:10 min.
Holding Runners on 2nd Base By JWrigley
03:13 min.
Throwing the Split Finger Fastball By JWrigley
03:55 min.
Creating Ball Movement By JWrigley
02:08 min.
Change-Up 2 1/2 Grip By NContreras
01:25 min.
Keeping the Runner Close at 1st Base By JWare
01:48 min.
Pick-Off Footwork to 1st Base By JWare
00:50 min.
Holding Runners on 2nd Base By JWare
01:32 min.
The Mental Aspect of Pitching By GPatterson
02:45 min.
How to develop a strong presence on the mound By GPatterson
02:18 min.
Setting Up the Pitcher's Five Day Rotation By JCumberland
05:44 min.
How To Throw A Breaking Ball Without Hurting Your Arm By LMazzone
01:53 min.
Refocusing - Pitcher's Routine By BSpringman
01:53 min.
Aggressiveness By RHalladay
06:11 min.
Chapter 4 - Bullpen Routine By GPatterson
08:51 min.
Chapter 5 - Long Toss Program By GPatterson
01:29 min.
Pitching Inside By CHernandez
03:02 min.
Pitcher Fielding Their Positions #1 - Comebackers To The Mound By Kevin
03:03 min.
Pitchers Fielding Their Positions- Fielding Bunts By Kevin

Age 15+

02:06 min.
Fielding Bunts on the 1st Base Side By JJohnson
01:06 min.
Fielding Bunts to 3rd Base By JWare
00:57 min.
Fielding the High Chopper By JWare
01:42 min.
Covering Home on a Passed Ball or Wild Pitch By JWare
00:58 min.
How to Play the Squeeze Bunt By JWare
02:37 min.
Curveball Grips By GPatterson
02:56 min.
Pitching Grips- Cutter and Slider By GPatterson
04:43 min.
How to Throw Curveball By NContreras
03:13 min.
Throwing the Split Finger Fastball By JWrigley
01:08 min.
Spike Curve Ball Grip By NContreras
02:14 min.
Fielding Bunts By JWare