Age 4-6

02:10 min.
Batting Setup By JTurner
02:40 min.
How to Grip the Bat - I'm All Thumbs By OrestesDestrade
04:35 min.
"Simon Says" Hitting Drill for Kids By MBillek
01:51 min.
Proper Way To Get Into The Batters Box By RDucey
02:30 min.
Square Stance By RDucey
02:25 min.
Load And Stride By RDucey
03:43 min.
Squash The Bug Theory By RDucey
02:40 min.
Teach Kids Fair Foul Rules By SPerlozzo
03:28 min.
T Ball - Stance In Batters Box By SPerlozzo
04:13 min.
T Ball - Grip & A Tip On Hitting Off The Tee By SPerlozzo
03:29 min.
Kids Fence Drill By zackroper

Age 7-9

02:25 min.
Staying Inside the Ball Drill By JReed
02:11 min.
Creating Rhythm with the Throwback Drill By JTurner
02:26 min.
Back Hip Attachment Drill By JTurner
01:36 min.
Tee Drill-Incorporating Timing By DMagadan
02:33 min.
Flamingo Tee Drill By JTurner
04:27 min.
Bunting for Beginners By RFierbaugh
01:36 min.
ABC of Hitting By TimDoherty
02:05 min.
Hitting Rhythm Drill By TimDoherty
01:33 min.
Hip & Knee Explosion Drill By TimDoherty
01:25 min.
Relaxation Drill By TimDoherty
01:46 min.
Hand Positioning for Bunting By ChrisCoglan
05:01 min.
Shoulder Hip Connection By RDucey
02:14 min.
From Ear to Here Drill By OrestesDestrade
02:36 min.
"Hips Don't Lie" - How to Move the Hips in a Proper Swing By OrestesDestrade
02:55 min.
Follow Your Shot By OrestesDestrade
02:08 min.
Ich Ni Son - One Two Three Drill By OrestesDestrade
03:49 min.
Swing Sequence By RDucey
03:23 min.
Finishing The Swing By RDucey
01:52 min.
Hip Rotation By RDucey

Age 10-12

01:38 min.
Direct Line to the Ball By JReed
01:02 min.
Tracking the Ball By ALeboeuf
01:06 min.
Picking Up the Pitcher's Release Point By ALeboeuf
01:35 min.
Staying on Top of the Ball By DMagadan
03:16 min.
Tee Routines By JTurner
01:45 min.
2 Ball 2 Tee Drill By JTurner
02:05 min.
Tee Behind Drill By JTurner
01:15 min.
Field Goal Drill By JTurner
01:45 min.
Walk Through Drill By JTurner
02:12 min.
Short One-Handed Bat Drill By JTurner
01:54 min.
Tee Short Distance Drill By DMagadan
01:49 min.
Preventing Casting in the Swing By DMagadan
01:36 min.
Proper Spin Off the Bat By DMagadan
03:18 min.
Common Tee Drill Mistakes By DMagadan
01:39 min.
Screen Drill with a Tee By DMagadan
01:19 min.
Promoting Length After Contact By DMagadan
01:35 min.
Focus Drill By DMagadan
03:11 min.
Pitch Recognition Drill By DMagadan
01:01 min.
How to Fix "Pulling Off the Ball" By RDucey
02:00 min.
Cross Handed Drill By TimDoherty
01:25 min.
Bat Path Drill By TimDoherty
02:03 min.
Shuffle Hitting Drill By TimDoherty
01:43 min.
Release & Hit Drill By TimDoherty
01:33 min.
Catch Drill By TimDoherty
01:52 min.
Quick Hands Forward And Back Drill By TimDoherty
01:38 min.
Shoulder to Shoulder Hitting Drill By TimDoherty
01:31 min.
Contact Drill By TimDoherty
01:40 min.
Three-Ball Hitting Zone Contact Drill By TimDoherty
01:35 min.
Bat Angle Drill By TimDoherty
01:36 min.
Shadow Drill By TimDoherty
02:39 min.
Circle of Focus By BSpringman
02:16 min.
Blowing Your Opponents Away By BSpringman
02:43 min.
Hitting, Easy As 1 2 3 By BSpringman
02:43 min.
On Deck Preparation By BSpringman
02:22 min.
Weight Transfer Drill By RDucey
01:56 min.
Swinging Down vs Swinging Through By RDucey
02:40 min.
Be Quiet to Be Loud By OrestesDestrade
02:56 min.
Heel to Toe By OrestesDestrade
02:02 min.
KNOB By OrestesDestrade
03:20 min.
Turning Two Drill By OrestesDestrade
02:21 min.
10x Zoom - Get Focused on the Pitcher By OrestesDestrade
03:12 min.
Swing Down By RDucey
02:52 min.
Letting The Ball Travel By RDucey
03:05 min.
Staying Back By RDucey
30:52 min.
Responsibilities at Various Stations By RDucey
01:53 min.
High T Drill By TonyThomas
01:56 min.
Low T Drill By TonyThomas

Age 13-14

00:57 min.
Aggressive Hitters Approach By ALeboeuf
02:15 min.
Build-Up Drill By TimDoherty
01:47 min.
Refocusing - Hitter's Routine By BSpringman
02:14 min.
Having A Hitting Plan By BSpringman
03:05 min.
Hit And Run Approach By BSpringman
03:22 min.
Batting Practice Routine By BSpringman
02:46 min.
Sacrifice Bunting Mindset & Mechanics By ChrisCoglan
02:08 min.
Situational Bunting - Where You Should Bunt the Ball and Why By ChrisCoglan
03:36 min.
Bunting for a Base Hit By ChrisCoglan
02:14 min.
Ryan Howard Pre-game Preparation By RyanHoward
02:22 min.
Approach In The Batters Box By RyanHoward
03:05 min.
Legs And Eyes On Bunts By JReed
03:18 min.
Drag Bunt By JReed
03:33 min.
LHH Push Bunt 3B By JReed
06:03 min.
Feet And Shoulder Position For Bunting By JReed
04:48 min.
Bat Angle, Grip And Hand Position By JReed
04:58 min.
Where To Bunt The Ball By JReed
04:14 min.
Timing and Positioning Differences By JReed
03:45 min.
Nuances Of A Push Bunt for A Right Handed Hitter By JReed
04:50 min.
Squeeze Bunt By JReed
03:51 min.
Slug Bunt - The Weapon Against Bunt Plays By JReed

Age 15+

01:03 min.
Mental Preparation Sitting in the Dugout By ALeboeuf
02:58 min.
Two Strikes Approach By BSpringman
02:17 min.
Quality At Bat By BSpringman
02:26 min.
Pre-game One Handed Hitting Drill By ChrisCoglan