Duration Activities Video References
15 minutes Pre-Practice Introduction– Welcome message, explain team rules, and outline goals, introduction of players and coaches, introduce basic rules of the game, introduce safety rules, walk the players through each of the positions, and discuss practice plans and practice goals
8 minutes Warm-Ups– It is important to start all practices with a warm-up and set routine.
1) Light stretching
2) Light-medium jogs from foul pole to foul pole along warning track back & forth ( 1-2 total repetitions)
30 minutes Practice in Groups- Divide the players into groups of no more than 3-4 players, with each group having at least 1 coach, rotate groups every 8 minutes.Fielding- Right Field
1) Basic Fielding Drill- Drill #3
Catching—Center Field
2) Throw to Coach Drill- Drill #2
3) Windshield Wiper Catching Drill- Drill #69
Throwing – Left Field
4) T-Position Drill or/and Sitting DownThrowing Drill – Drill #10
Hitting – Home Plate
5) Stance, Swing & Follow Through Drill- Drill #33 (and/or) Tee with Big Ball Drill- Drill #34
Stance, Swing & Follow Through Drill(coming soon)
Tee with Big Ball Drill(coming soon)
5 minutes End of Day FUN Competition – Run the Bases
1) Follow the Coach Drill- Drill #63
Follow the Coach Drill (coming soon)(coming soon)
5 minutes Final Review
Review today’s practice’s positives. Explain parents/player homework. Hand out homework to parents


Duration Activity Video References
15-20 minutes Review the game rules and positions
15-20 minutes Proper Base Running mechanics
15-20 minutes Proper pitching & throwing mechanics- 25-50 Repetitions, Twice a Week
15-20 minutes Proper hitting mechanics-25-50 Repetitions, Twice a Week
15-20 minutes Proper catching & fielding mechanics- 25-50 Repetitions, Twice a Week


Drill Category Description
2 Catching Throw to the Coach Drill: Have the players line up facing the coach, the coach throws to the first player who catches the ball and then throws it back to the coach. The coach then repeats the process until all of the players have participated. Note: you may use a soft ball if young players need to build confidence in catching the ball.
3 Fielding Fielding Basics Drill: Have the players line up facing the coach, the coach will then roll the ball to each of the players and have them field the ball and throw it back to the coach. Repeat until all of the players have participated.
10 Throwing Sitting Down Throwing Drill #1: Have the players pair up and have them face each other, sitting down on the ground with their legs extended in front of them. Have one side form a “field goal” with their arms up, elbow at shoulder height, and a ball in their throwing hand. On the coach’s command the players will take the ball back and release the ball towards their partner. The partner will catch the ball and repeat the drill. Have the players make throws back and forth until each has completed at least 10 throws. This is a very good drill to reinforce keeping the throwing elbow at shoulder height and releasing the ball towards their target. The players should be only about 5-7 feet apart, and they should make sure their partner is ready to receive the thrown ball.
33 Hitting Stance, Swing & Follow-Through Drill: Have the players line-up along the 3rd base line, with batting helmet on and holding a bat. Make sure the players have plenty of space between them. On the coach’s “stance” command, the players will get into their stance position. The coach(es) should examine each of the player’s stance to make any adjustments the first few times. Next the coach will call out “stance” and then “swing”, the players should then swing at an imaginary ball and stop. Again the coach(es) should make any adjustments, and then repeat the drill again. After doing this drill a few times, the players will relax and wait for the coach’s command. Lastly, the coach will call out “stance, swing and follow-through” and the players will get into their stance, swing the bat, and then follow-through with their swing. Remember that repetition is the key to learning the basic fundamental of forming a good swing, Repeat this drill as often as time will allow.
34 Hitting Tee Drill with Big Ball Drill: With the players wearing their helmets and having their bats, the players (one by one) should step up to the plate to hit the ball off the tee. Place an oversized ball (such as a kick ball or ball similar in size) on the tee and have the players begin with their stance, and on the coach’s command, swing at the ball. Once the players are comfortable with their swings and gain confidence in making contact, begin placing smaller balls on the tee and continue the drill, until the players feel comfortable swinging at a baseball on the tee.
63 Running Follow the Coach Drill: Have all of the players form a single line behind the coach at home plate. Have the players follow the coach as he runs to first base, and upon reaching the base, the coach and the players yell “first base”. When all of the players reach first base, the coach will then run to second base, then third and then home, each time yelling which base they touch. This is a great drill to teach the players which base they run to first, while also learning the name of each base.
69 Fielding Windshield Wiper Catching the Ball Drill: To begin this drill, the coach should work with each of their players to teach them the proper glove positioning when catching balls hit or thrown to the players in the air. Position the player 8′-10′ from the coach and have the player start with their glove near or at their belt buckle or waist. The coach will begin throwing balls (start with soft balls or tennis balls until the player is comfortable with catching these), beginning with balls below their waist so the players understand that their glove fingers should be pointing down towards the ground to make these catchers. Again starting with the players glove at the belt buckle or waist, begin throwing balls above the waist so that the players glove fingers are pointing towards the sky to catch these balls. Begin throwing the balls underhand until the player is comfortable in catching these balls below the waist and above the waist. As the player gets more comfortable, begin throwing the ball overhand.
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