Age 13-14

Can perform advanced leads on bases without getting picked off

02:08 min.
Lead Off 1st Base By JRiggleman
08:46 min.
Chapter 3 - Stealing 2nd Base By SPerlozzo
09:42 min.
Chapter 4 - Runner At 2nd Base By SPerlozzo
01:47 min.
How Not to Get Picked Off the Base By SPerlozzo
02:15 min.
Comfort Zone By SPerlozzo
03:42 min.
Cat and Mouse By SPerlozzo
01:53 min.
Who Picked You Off By SPerlozzo
13:13 min.
How Not To Get Picked Off By JReed
01:51 min.
Stealing Second Leads By TonyThomas

Show awareness of game situations and applies in-game

01:52 min.
Runner at 1st, Fly Ball Left/Center Field By JRiggleman
02:32 min.
5 Ways to Be an Aggressive Base Runner By JRiggleman
02:03 min.
When to Make a Big Turn at First Base By SPerlozzo
02:37 min.
Why It's So Important to Advance to the Next Base By SPerlozzo
02:41 min.
What the Clock Tells Us By SPerlozzo
05:57 min.
Know The Situation By JReed
05:42 min.
Hit And Run Leads By JReed
03:46 min.
Advancing Two Bases By JReed
06:05 min.
Squeeze Play By JReed

Learn keys to stealing

02:18 min.
Reading Balls in the Dirt By SPerlozzo
02:23 min.
Base Stealing Basic Keys By SPerlozzo
02:33 min.
"No-No" Keying on Back Heel By SPerlozzo
14:35 min.
How to Steal 2nd Base off a Righty By JReed
13:06 min.
How to Steal 2nd Base off a Lefty By JReed