Age 13-14

Develop arm strength with throwing programs and pre-game routines

02:03 min.
By MBillek
01:38 min.
Flat Ground Slide Step By MBillek
06:30 min.
Pitcher's Throwing Program By MBillek
02:25 min.
Pregame Warm-Up Routine By JJohnson
01:44 min.
Importance of Long Toss By JJohnson
02:20 min.
Proper Use of the Workout Room By JJohnson
02:45 min.
Pitchers Daily Routine By SEllis
02:51 min.
4 Part Delivery Drill By GPatterson
01:50 min.
Pregame Preparation By CHernandez
03:40 min.
Start to Start Routine By CHernandez
02:18 min.
Setting Up the Pitcher's Five Day Rotation By JCumberland
06:11 min.
Chapter 4 - Bullpen Routine By GPatterson
08:51 min.
Chapter 5 - Long Toss Program By GPatterson

Concept of pitching strategy in games

01:44 min.
Watching Games Between Appearances By JJohnson
02:02 min.
Getting Hitters Out Throwing Any Speed By JJohnson
02:18 min.
Pitching Command By SEllis
01:41 min.
Hiding the Ball By SEllis
01:30 min.
Pitcher Tempo By JCumberland
00:48 min.
The Foundation for the Complete Pitcher By GPatterson
00:57 min.
Throwing Strikes By CHernandez
01:53 min.
Aggressiveness By RHalladay
01:29 min.
Pitching Inside By CHernandez

Able to execute pick-offs

01:18 min.
Inside Move to 2nd Base By SEllis
02:01 min.
Holding Runner at 1st Base By JJohnson
03:52 min.
Pick-Off Moves to First Base By GPatterson
02:10 min.
Holding Runners on 2nd Base By JWrigley
01:25 min.
Keeping the Runner Close at 1st Base By JWare
01:48 min.
Pick-Off Footwork to 1st Base By JWare
00:50 min.
Holding Runners on 2nd Base By JWare

Introduce change-ups, breaking ball

02:02 min.
Throwing Breaking Balls By SEllis
01:21 min.
Change-Up By JCumberland
03:55 min.
Creating Ball Movement By JWrigley
02:08 min.
Change-Up 2 1/2 Grip By NContreras
05:44 min.
How To Throw A Breaking Ball Without Hurting Your Arm By LMazzone

Continue mastering breaking and off-speed pitches

03:13 min.
Throwing the Split Finger Fastball By JWrigley

Mental focus ability

01:32 min.
The Mental Aspect of Pitching By GPatterson
02:45 min.
How to develop a strong presence on the mound By GPatterson
01:53 min.
Refocusing - Pitcher's Routine By BSpringman

Fielding in special situations

03:02 min.
Pitcher Fielding Their Positions #1 - Comebackers To The Mound By Kevin
03:03 min.
Pitchers Fielding Their Positions- Fielding Bunts By Kevin