Kevin Skelly

Owner for 2 baseball training facilities in the Tampa Bay area, Coach Kevin has 20+ years experience as a youth baseball coach and is widely respected with a very large & loyal following in Tampa FL. Kevin played at University of Tampa prior to suffering a career ending arm injury. Kevin has done numerous successful summer camps & clinics and managed many youth teams at various ages.

VIDEOS BY Kevin Skelly

06:41 min.
Field Goal Drill
03:26 min.
Field Goal Drill With A Circle
05:35 min.
Target Drill
07:05 min.
Partner Fielding Basics Drill
04:23 min.
Pre-Pitch Lateral Movement Warmup
03:34 min.
Lateral To A Forward Direction
04:09 min.
Youth Glove Hand Open Hips Drill
02:36 min.
Reactionary Angles Drill
05:10 min.
Routine Ground Ball Angles
05:38 min.
Charging Hard Drill
04:52 min.
Range Circle Drill
04:29 min.
Bare-hand Glove-side Drill