Bill Springman

Bill Springman, born in 1956, served as hitting coach at Triple-A Rochester in 2005. Bill was hitting coach at Triple-A Salt Lake from 1997 to 2000. He played on Team USA during the 1977 World Cut Games in Nicaragua and was selected by California in 7th round of the 1978 First-Year Player Draft from Oral Roberts University. He was named Top Single-A Shortstop of the Year in 1979 and coach of 1992 NCAA Division I National Champions at Pepperdine. Bill served as associated scout in Chicago Cubs organization between 1995 and 1996. Bill graduated from University of Oklahoma with a degree in Physical Education in 1985. In 1994 Bill graduated from Azusa Pacific University with a Master's Degree in Education.

VIDEOS BY Bill Springman

01:43 min.
Mental Program Introduction
01:58 min.
The Three Ps of Success
01:59 min.
PMI Positive Mental Image
02:05 min.
Self-Awareness and Traffic Lights - Part 1
01:53 min.
Self-Awareness and Traffic Lights - Part 2
01:53 min.
Refocusing - Pitcher's Routine
01:47 min.
Refocusing - Hitter's Routine
01:41 min.
Taking Responsibility For Your Mental Game
01:40 min.
Positive vs Negative Self Talk
02:04 min.
The Five Rs
01:57 min.
Playing One Pitch At A Time
02:19 min.
Playing The Game Not The Opponent
01:54 min.
Embrace Adversity
01:42 min.
Avoid "Labeling" - A Common Mental Mistake For Baseball Players
02:24 min.
Self-Awareness and Traffic Lights - Part 3 - Red Light Responses
02:38 min.
When Is It Over?
02:31 min.
Practice Preparation
02:52 min.
Pre-Game Mental Routine
02:39 min.
Circle of Focus
02:16 min.
Blowing Your Opponents Away
01:59 min.
Dealing With A Difficult Coach
02:14 min.
Having A Hitting Plan
02:58 min.
Two Strikes Approach
03:34 min.
RBI Approach