Jeff Ware

Drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays in the first round (35th pick) of the 1991 armature draft. Made his major league debut Sept 2nd, 1995. Ware is a former Major League Baseball pitcher, who played parts of two seasons (1995 and 1996) with the Toronto Blue Jays. He has been a pitching coach in the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays minor league organizations.


01:06 min.
Fielding Bunts to 3rd Base
00:57 min.
Fielding the High Chopper
01:42 min.
Covering Home on a Passed Ball or Wild Pitch
00:58 min.
How to Play the Squeeze Bunt
01:13 min.
Fielding A Come Backer and Throw to 1st Base
01:25 min.
Keeping the Runner Close at 1st Base
01:48 min.
Pick-Off Footwork to 1st Base
00:50 min.
Holding Runners on 2nd Base
01:56 min.
Covering 1st Base
02:14 min.
Fielding Bunts