James Rowson

After being drafted by the Seattle Mariners in the ninth round of the 1994 MLB Draft, James played minor league baseball in the Mariners and New York Yankees minor league systems from 1995-1997, and for the Independent Heartland League’s Cook County Cheetahs in 1998. James served as the Yankees’ minor league hitting coordinator for six seasons before joining the Chicago Cubs as their minor league hitting coordinator for the 2012 season. Rowson became the hitting coach of the Chicago Cubs from 2012-2013. He is currently the minor league hitting coordinator for the New York Yankees.

VIDEOS BY James Rowson

08:25 min.
Chapter 2 - Mental and Physical Approach to Hitting
13:16 min.
Chapter 3 - Hitting Off The Tee
09:22 min.
Chapter 4 - Batting Practice Routine
06:46 min.
Chapter 5 - Common Hitting Flaws
07:07 min.
Chapter 6 - Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses
10:36 min.
Chapter 1 - Set Up in Batters Box