Jimmy Myers

Jimmy was a wrestler and 3-time “All American Athlete” at the University of Central Florida before becoming a Partner and Head Trainer at Tampa Bay Athletics in 2012.

VIDEOS BY Jimmy Myers

01:20 min.
Air Squats
02:03 min.
Split Squats
03:13 min.
Proper Push Ups Form for Baseball Players
02:05 min.
Modified Pushups
02:41 min.
Low Plank
02:03 min.
Super Plank
02:17 min.
Bird Dog Exercise
02:01 min.
Single Leg Vertical Jumps
01:36 min.
Jump Squat
02:24 min.
Speed Skater
01:54 min.
Medicine Ball Chest Pass
02:36 min.
Line Hops
01:55 min.
Sleep Stretch
01:46 min.
Kneeling Lat Stretch
02:09 min.
Get Up Sit Up
03:40 min.
Turkish Get Up
02:04 min.
Fast Feet Drill
02:03 min.
Box Jump
01:34 min.
Lateral Squat Jump
01:56 min.
Reverse Woodchoppers with a Med Ball
01:41 min.
Box Squats
01:32 min.
Single Leg Box Squat
01:28 min.
Lateral Fast Feet Drill
01:38 min.
Medicine Ball Slam