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How can I ensure a player is seeing the ball well at the plate?


How can I ensure a player is seeing the ball well at the plate?

Answered by: Coach Bill Springman 
— Funny you ask that. I had a player today and I told him that his only goal today was to see the ball well. I told him after the game the only question I’m going to ask is: did you see the ball extremely well? He had 2 doubles and his whole approach slowed down.

A hitter that is chasing pitches, a hitter that looks off-balance when he takes a pitch, a hitter that has his stride & swing being simultaneously together, is NOT seeing the ball well. There must be a slight delay or pause (not a stop) between the stride foot landing and RECOGNIZING THE PITCH… then reacting! A player must incorporate this in every drill or BP he performs.

We preach three things: 
1.) “Be on time.” That means the stride foot must be down by the time the ball is 10 ft out of the pitchers hand. Later for a slower pitcher.
2.) “Recognize the pitch.” This part is critical. You have to see it before you swing at it!
3.) “React!” You don’t have time to think. Work hard and trust your hard work! “Full mind, empty bat!”

Hope that helps!
Bill Springman 
Meet the Coach Coach   Bill is the Lead coach for our Mental Program at Bill currently is the Senior Hitting Adviser for the Kansas City Royals. Prior to joining the Royals, he was the Mental Coach in the Minnesota Twins’ organization, and worked as a MiLB coach for 9 years.