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Should I Reach Out to A Scout?

QUESTION: Should I Reach Out to A Scout?


Coach Sam,
I am a 14 year old baseball player. My community says that I am very good. So I was wondering if I should get someone like a scout to follow me and watch my game. My dream is to player in the pros. I hope you can answer!




I’m sure your community knows what they are talking about! But let me fill you in on a few things that will
help put you at ease. You are still young and scouts, even though they may see you, wont get serious until you
will graduate from high school. That is the first time you would be eligible to be drafted. If you are passed up in that draft then you would have to go to college and work to improve your skills until the scouts think you
are good enough to be taken into the pros.

Major League scouts don’t miss too many kids. I doubt you will have to contact anyone. If you are really that good they have a way of finding that out and you will be scouted. One thing you may do when you get a little older, is to try and find out if there are any try-out camps in your area, and see if you can attend. There are also travel teams that you could hook up with and you will surely get looked at.

So keep up with what you are doing, do some research, play on as many teams as you can, and Im sure you will
continue to do well and hopefully achieve your dream of reach the pros!!

Good Luck!

Coach Sam Perlozzo is Lead Coach at He is former Oriole Major League Manager. Sam coached 3rd in 2 World Series and 3 All-Stars games. Check out his full Bio and videos on the website here.