December 03, 18 | admin

How to Introduce Baseball to Kids

How to introduce baseball to kids could be a question that we all ask ourselves at one time. For parents who grew up loving the game, they want their children to love it too. And, while you can't always lead a horse to water, you can inspire a love of the game by doing a few basic things. 

First, take them to professional games. There is nothing like hearing the roar of the crowd in the fan-filled stadium of pro baseball to inspire them to love the game. Baseball is an American sport. Use this time with them to tell them about the history of baseball and how it started long ago. Let them get psyched up about the game and be a participant first. 

Second, play catch with them in the yard and the park. If you played when you were a kid, show them some of your tips you learned by playing the game. Teach them the basics first, like how to throw a pitch and how to judge distance to catch the ball. Make it simple at first and let them enjoy it without a lot of rules. 

When your kids act interested and want to learn more, tell them the rules. You could get them information on the baseball rules, or simply discuss the rules with them as they watch baseball on TV. Let them ask questions about the game and answer them the best you can. 

Sign them up for Little League. Many kids will want to try it themselves once they get baseball fever and that's okay. Just teach them not to get discouraged when they strike out or don't catch every fly ball. Remind them that that is how life is-you don't win them all. But how you play the game will ultimately determine the outcome. 

Buy them sports memorabilia or get into baseball card collection. This will inspire them to like the game more because they can collect information on their favorite players and ask questions about the game. 

Take them to local games often and always attend their games when you can. Part of the reason young boys like baseball is the quality time they get to spend with their dads. So take them to the ball park when you can to see other play and do your best to be there to support them when they play. 

Kids learn faster by watching. Let them learn some things on their own, but find baseball drill videos and baseball training courses on the Internet. Make sure your get quality baseball training videos to help them along. And offer help and advice whenever you can. 

The more kids get involved as a participant, player, and fan, the more they will want to know. Baseball can even become an obsession with some. It's a healthy obsession, compared to the many bad things kids are getting involved with today. Who knows the next Babe Ruth may be somewhere in Little League right now, working on his batting technique. Guide him to success!