December 04, 18 | admin

Signs Your Kid Needs More Coaching Than Community Program

Some parents cringe at the thought that their child has outgrown their local baseball program. They think that means they have failed their kids. That isn’t true at all. You should actually feel proud if your child has outgrown the tips you or the local coaches can give them. It means they have taken everything you have taught them and now they can build on it. Before you start looking for a new coach, though, you need to make sure your child is ready. There are some signs you can look for to see if your child is ready to move on to a new coach.

Your Child Isn’t Improving

If your kid has a lot of talent but seems to have hit a wall, it is likely because they aren’t learning anything new from you or the coach. Don’t take it personal. Sometimes it is just a matter of out-of-sync communication frequency between the coach and the player. It does not mean you child has reached their full potential. It does not mean the coach is not a good coach. Different people communicate differently and to find the coach who knows how to communicate the right way is a blessing. You can still help but you need to know how to help. Try different coaches. One might click and the other one simply won’t. A professorial coach can help fine-tune skills and get even better. Additionally, the professional coach will recommend some drills and techniques you can use at home.

Your Kid Continues to Make the Same Mistakes

If your child continues to throw the high fastball or pull a shoulder out when swinging the bat, they might need some help from another coach. Each player needs to be coached differently and your local coach might be trying to take a one-size fits all approach to training. Your child might not thrive with normal techniques. Those techniques might need tweaking. A professional coach can think outside of the box and come up with a plan that will work for your child.

Your Kid Seems Bored

You have probably heard that gifted kids get bored in school. The same is true for gifted baseball players. If you have a great pitcher who is striking everyone out or a great hitter that is constantly hitting home runs, they will start to get bored and want new challenges. A new coach can give your child new challenges. Those challenges can keep them interested in the game and can help them reach the next level. Do not just sign up the travel teams. The kids who have got the fundamentals down could benefit from enhanced competitions. However, if the fundamentals are not there yet, travel ball simply adds pressure and increases the chance of failure.


A lot of coaches think inconsistency means the child isn’t listening. Often, someone who is inconsistent does not know how to utilize a skill set. They might be a great hitter half the time and strike out the other half because they don’t keep their head down. Maybe your kid throws sizzling fastballs on the corner of the plate half the time and misses the strike zone by a mile the rest of the time. Sometimes, the best way to deal with this inconsistency is to send your child off to a new coach. Someone with more focused time can teach your child how to become more consistent. Your child will become more comfortable with their skill set and learn how to use it to their advantage.

Getting Injured Often

Most coaches are good about making sure their kids do not get injured. Unfortunately, some novice coaches do not know how to keep kids from taking unnecessary risks. If your kid is getting hurt more than you think is normal, it is a good idea to turn to a professional coach. The new coach will help your kid play without getting hurt. That means your child will be able to play for the long term instead of getting a career ending injury at twelve.

Let’s admit that most kids want to go pro at some time or another. You might have dreamed of being the next Nolan Ryan back in your day and now your child is dreaming of being the next Felix Hernandez. While all kids dream of greatness, some can actually taste that dream. They already know they are going to play college ball and they can see themselves being selected in the draft. If you have a kid who might realize these dreams, it is time to set them up with the best coach who can help them reach their goals. Otherwise, they might never be anything more than the best kid on the local team. That will be enough for a while, but it can be disappointing when dreams of the pros go up in smoke.

Lots of kids have natural skill, but unless they get the proper training, they cannot reach their full potential. A professional coach knows how to push players to get the most out of them. Professional coaches also help kids form good habits that last throughout their entire baseball careers. After spending a few seasons with a pro, your child will likely be a new player. A new coach might even lay the groundwork for becoming a professional player.

Last words of caution. As you are looking for the new coach, look out for those with “win at all costs” mentalities. A coach who always focuses on fundamentals and practices is always a better coach in the long run.