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Age 7-9

The 7-9 age group is one of the most challenging ages to coach. So much is changing – from seeing live pitching for the first time to jumping up a level to farm team and in many cases – Little League. As a coach, it’s hard to know where to begin!

No need to worry. Our 10-week lesson plan will not only help you better organize your practices, but also introduce challenging skills in a way that’s comfortable, fun and engaging for your young players. Not only is each drill intricately written out for you in your practice plan – but you’ll have the opportunity to supplement it with the video content below. That means that you’ll get to see everything in action for yourself!




Easy-to-Follow Weekly Timetable

Objectives, Drills, Video References

Fun Competitions, Parent Player Homework

10 Weeks Practice Plans with Reference to Videos for the Entire Season



  • week 1

  • week 2

  • week 3

  • week 4

  • week 5

  • week 6

  • week 7

  • week 8

  • week 9

  • week 10

Learning Objective for This Age Group

Strength, Agility & Mental Skills

Pitching & Throwing


  • Able to put bat out in front with proper angle to bunt successfully2 video(s)

  • Able to swing the bat level and move the barrel in zone2 video(s)

  • Can hit soft tossed ball1 video(s)

  • Correct Shoulder Hip Movement6 video(s)

  • Show good balance & rhythm6 video(s)

  • Skills normally introduced at other ages See details

Catching & Fielding

  • Catch a fly ball4 video(s)

  • Quick feet. Quiet hands.9 video(s)

  • Gauge ball's speed and direction. Get in front of the ball and position glove effectively for a good catch.14 video(s)

  • Quick Transition. Throwing with accuracy and momentum7 video(s)

  • Catchers' Stance & Basic Receiving8 video(s)

  • Skills normally introduced at other ages See details

Base Running

Team Baseball

  • Can read the batting order and know when they hit when the game starts0 video(s)

  • Skilled enough to play multiple positions on field1 video(s)

  • Basic Defensive Plays - Singles10 video(s)

  • Skills normally introduced at other ages See details