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Age 4-6

No setup. No hassle. Just learning.

When it comes to small children – having fun and teaching the basics is the name of the game! Our 10-week practice plan will help you develop not only the core baseball skills your kids will need to learn in order to grow with the game; but also the skills that will help them succeed in life.

From discipline and team spirit to cooperation, listening and how to swing a bat; our 10-week plan will help coaches of any skill level build a foundation that will last a lifetime! Even better – not only do we spell out details of every drill you’ll run, but you’ll also be able to see it in action.




Easy-to-Follow Weekly Timetable

Objectives, Drills, Video References

Fun Competitions, Parent Player Homework

10 Weeks Practice Plans with Reference to Videos for the Entire Season



  • week 1

  • week 2

  • week 3

  • week 4

  • week 5

  • week 6

  • week 7

  • week 8

  • week 9

  • week 10

Learning Objective for This Age Group

Strength, Agility & Mental Skills

Pitching & Throwing


Catching & Fielding

Base Running

  • Understand runners must touch the bases0 video(s)

  • Know the right direction to run when the ball is hit1 video(s)

  • Understand the right way to run from home to 1st2 video(s)

  • Skills normally introduced at other ages See details

Team Baseball