Maximize coverage at bases

  • 6:37 min.

    Middle Infielder CoverageBy Jody Reed

  • 3:1 min.

    Getting To The Ready PositionBy Dave Magadan

  • 1:0 min.

    When to Make a Break to The First BaseBy Dave Magadan

  • 1:25 min.

    Pre-Pitch SetupBy Bill Dancy

  • 6:48 min.

    Alternative Foot Positions to Maximize Coverage at 1BBy Dave Magadan

  • 4:36 min.

    Balls in the Dirt DrillBy Randy Fierbaugh

  • 3:54 min.

    First Base FootworkBy Randy Fierbaugh

  • 2:54 min.

    Fence Drill for First Step QuicknessBy Dave Magadan