Ability to turn DP’s - turns, footwork, passing techniques

  • 7:41 min.

    How to turn the double play feed from 2BBy Jody Reed

  • 6:28 min.

    Double play feeds from the shortstopBy Jody Reed

  • 10:31 min.

    Four Different 2nd Base Double Play FeedsBy Jody Reed

  • 12:29 min.

    Different 2nd Base Double Play TurnsBy Jody Reed

  • 1:13 min.

    Double Play Turns by the ShortstopBy Bill Dancy

  • 1:7 min.

    First Base Initiated Double PlayBy Bill Dancy

  • 1:47 min.

    Shortstop Double Play FeedsBy Sam Perlozzo

  • 1:15 min.

    Footwork for Double Plays at 2nd Base #2By Bill Dancy

  • 1:19 min.

    Double Play Feeds from the ShortstopBy John Tamargo Jr

  • 1:48 min.

    Double Play MentalityBy Jody Reed

  • 2:53 min.

    Outfield Do or Die DrillBy Randy Fierbaugh