Correct arm path. Awareness for Arm health for parents/coaches.

  • 4:16 min.

    Arm Protection for PitchersBy Roy Halladay

  • 2:59 min.

    Proper Arm PathBy Roy Halladay

  • 1:16 min.

    Misconception about Tommy John SurgeryBy Roy Halladay

  • 2:26 min.

    Biomechanical Approach to PitchingBy Gil Patterson

  • 6:1 min.

    Command Down And AwayBy Leo Mazzone

  • 5:29 min.

    Pitching Out of StretchBy Leo Mazzone

  • 10:13 min.

    More Often, Less ExertionBy Leo Mazzone

  • 1:5 min.

    Creating Good Arm ActionBy Chuck Hernandez

  • 5:10 min.

    Knowing When Enough is EnoughBy Chuck Hernandez