Justin Turner

After finishing his education at Warner University, Justin was an infielder who spent several years playing in the Los Angeles Angels and Boston Red Sox organizations. After his playing career, Justin then returned to Warner University as an Assistant Coach working with the hitters and infielders. Justin’s latest stint was as a hitting coach for the New York Yankees minor league team in Tampa, Florida.

Videos by Justin Turner

  • 2:26 min.

    Back Hip Attachment Drill

  • 2:12 min.

    Short One-Handed Bat Drill

  • 2:10 min.

    Batting Setup

  • 2:33 min.

    Flamingo Tee Drill

  • 2:11 min.

    Creating Rhythm with the Throwback Drill

  • 2:5 min.

    Tee Behind Drill

  • 1:15 min.

    Field Goal Drill

  • 3:16 min.

    Tee Routines

  • 1:45 min.

    2 Ball 2 Tee Drill

  • 1:45 min.

    Walk Through Drill