Bill Dancy

After graduating from Florida Southern, Bill was a second round pick by the Philadelphia Phillies in 1974. He played six years in the minors with the Phillies and the New York Mets. Bill has over 28 years of coaching and managing experience with the Philadelphia Phillies organization, as well as being the Phillies third base coach in 2005 and 2006. Bill joined the Detroit Tigers organization in 2013.

Videos by Bill Dancy

  • 1:25 min.

    Pre-Pitch Setup

  • 1:3 min.

    Holding a Runner on First Base - Halfway Back

  • 1:30 min.

    How to Hold a Runner on 1st Base

  • 1:23 min.

    Picking Balls at 1st Base

  • 1:13 min.

    Double Play Turns by the Shortstop

  • 1:7 min.

    First Base Initiated Double Play

  • 1:15 min.

    Footwork for Double Plays at 2nd Base #2

  • 1:20 min.

    Middle Infielders Communication

  • 1:57 min.

    Pop-Up Communication and Priorities

  • 1:13 min.

    Communication between the SS and 3rd Baseman