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Baseball Practice Plan for Age 7-9 Years
Week 2


Practice Objectives: To reinforce infield/outfield angles to balls in play & smooth transition of change or direction without losing speed. Fielding objectives are to understand proper infield/outfield set-up prior to pitch being made and receiving balls through correct hand positioning. Throwing objectives are to learn proper throwing arm positioning and shoulder rotation. Hitting objectives are to learn proper setup, stance in batter’s box, importance of using the batting tee, and correct swing from start to finish.



Duration Activities Video References
15 minutes Pre-Practice Discussions- Review last practice session/games/homework with coaches & team.

Warm-Ups – It is important to start all practices with a warm-up and set routine (Arm Circles, Rotational Twists, Hamstring & Quad Stretches, Rocking side lunges, and 2 light-medium jogs around field (2 lines, 5-6 players each line)

20-30 minutes Footwork, Body Control, Speed & Agility
1. Develop proper acceleration, deceleration and explosion
2. Creating & developing proper angles to the ball (infield & outfield)
20-30 minutes Fielding  – 

1. Fielding ground balls

2. Catching the ball in front and building momentum through the ball

20-30 minutes Pitching & Throwing

1. Proper baseball grip

2. Get to a good throwing position after catching a ball

20  minutes Hitting 

1. Hitting off the tee

2. Proper setup & stance in the batter’s box3. Tee drills and soft toss from the front

20  minutes Optional: Fielding & Throwing Skills Competition (Infield & Outfield)

  1. Ground balls to shortstop, Pop-flys to outfield, Throws from SS to 1st base, Throws from LF to 2nd base, Throws from RF to 3rd base, and Throws from CF to home
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25-50 Repetitions, Twice a Week Proper hitting mechanics


25-50 Repetitions, Twice a Week Proper catching & fielding position
25-50 Repetitions, Twice a Week Education on arm health and how to prevent arm injury

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