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Baseball Practice Plan for Age 7-9 Years
Week 1



Practice Objectives: To learn 1) proper body control techniques for base running, 2) infield/outfield angles to balls in play and 3) creating a smooth transition for change of direction without losing speed. This will be taught through correct footwork, agility and running mechanics drills. These are essential for players wanting to “glide” around the field in the quickest, most direct way to the baseball as possible.



Duration Activities Video References
15 minutes Pre-Practice Discussions– Review last practice session/games/homework with coaches & teamWarm-Ups– It is important to start all practices with a warm-up and set routine.
1. Arm Circles
2. Lunge with a Trunk Twist
3. Hamstring & Quad Stretches
4. Rocking side lunges
5. 2 light-medium jogs around field (2 lines, 5-6 players each line)Pre-Practice Player/Pitcher throwing warm-ups
20-30 minutes Footwork, Body Control, Speed & Agility
1. Develop proper running mechanics, acceleration, deceleration and explosion
2. Creating & developing proper angles to the ball (infield & outfield)
20-30 minutes Base Running Fundamentals
1. Getting out of the batter’s box
• Contact at 1st Base
• Running through, not to, the base, then breaking down
• Deceleration
• Staying in foul territory & looking for overthrows
2. Balls hit through or beyond the infield
• Rounding 1st base & hit the inside corner of the base (either foot ok)
• Pick up the coach and be aware of runners in front of you
15 -20 minutes Fielding  

  1. Proper Fielding Position
  2. Bare Hand
  3. Catching balls below & above the belly Button


15 -20 minutes Optional:  Individual & Team Building Competitions

Choose from: 
1. Timed Star Cone Drills
2. Speed & Sprint Drills & Relays (Home to 1st, doubles, triples and inside the park home run)
3. Timed Home to 1st and 1st to 3rd (2 player teams- 1 player starts from home, 2nd player starts at 1st. When runner from home contacts 1st base, runner at 1st base takes off for 3rd base) TAKE TOTAL TIME FROM HOME TO 3RD BASE FOR BOTH PLAYERS


Duration Activity Video References
25-50 Repetitions, Twice a Week Proper catching & fielding position

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