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Baseball Practice Plan for Age 10-12 Years
Week 2


Practice Objectives: 1) Reinforce pre-practice stretching and warm-up routines. 2) Advance footwork, speed and agility training. 3) Improve and reinforce proper throwing and pitching mechanics by repetition of movement. 4) Improve and reinforce proper catcher’s receiving and blocking mechanics. 5) Develop mound presence and pitching command, sequence and continuity between pitcher and catcher through bullpen session.

PRACTICE SCHEDULE (Total Time: 90 Minutes)

Duration Activities Video References
5 minutes Pre-Practice Discussions- Review last practice session, game or homework with coaches & team
15 minutes Warm-Ups– It is important to start all practices with a warm-up and set routine.

  1. Arm Circles, Rotational Twists, Hamstring & Quad Stretches, Rocking Side Lunges, then 2 light-medium jogs around field (2 lines, 5-6 players each line)
  2. Throwing warm-ups with long toss program
20 minutes Footwork, Body Control, Speed and Agility Training – Coaches to set up 3 stations, with 3-4 players per station and rotate players every 8-10 minutes.

• Station #1: Set up in outfield- Learning Starts Drill

• Station #2: Set up at shortstop- Falling Starts Drill

• Station #3: Set up at 2nd base position- Carioca Drill

30 minutes Focused Group Work #1 – All pitchers and catchers 

Pitchers – (20 minutes) Flat Ground Mechanics Drills &  Knee-to-Knee Drill. Each pitcher should pair up with another pitcher.

Catchers – (20 minutes) Receiving and Blocking Drills

Pitcher/Catcher Bullpens – (10 minutes) — Each pitcher will throw a 20 pitch bullpen session with coach while both pitcher & catcher treat it as a live game situation pen. They will simulate throwing to a real batter/batters and emphasize getting ahead in the count & hitting spots on the inside & outside corners of the plate

30 minutes Focused Group Work #2 – Hitting —- Coaches to set up 2 stations and rotate players every 15 minutes. Focus on hitting mechanics, building momentum and more power.

Station 1:

Weight Transfer Drill
Quick Hands Forward And Back Drill

Station 2:

Tee Behind Drill
Turning 2 Drill

20 minutes Simulated Game Situations – Rotate players from defensive positions to base runners
• Set players in their infield/outfield positions, have 3-4 players as runners
• Coach will simulate live game situations by hitting balls into play. Focus should be on proper base running and proper defensive positioning play including coverage, back up positioning, cut-offs and relays.


Activity Video References
Review videos referred in the practice plan. Reinforce proper Hitting Mechanics;Focus on building more momentum and power.Practice at home for 25 -35 minutes each time; 2-3 times during a week. Additional drills and tips:
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