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Baseball Practice Plan for Age 10-12 Years
Week 1


Practice Objectives: 1) Set season’s games & practice expectations with players and parents. 2) Increase player’s situational awareness and baseball IQ through practicing defensive play scenarios. 3) Hitting: emphasize on correct bat path, avoid long swings. 4) Education on mental skills especially for pitchers.

PRACTICE SCHEDULE  (Total Time: 100 Minutes)

Duration Activities Video References
15 minutes Pre-Practice Discussions- Team & Coaching Staff introductions. Discuss team rules with both players and parents, set expectations for the season, discuss practice and game schedules, collect all contact information from parents, explain communication protocol between parents and coaches, and discuss any rule changes for league/new division.  
15 minutes Pre-Practice Warm-Ups– It is important to start all practices with a warm-up and set routine.

Arm Circles, Rotational Twists, Hamstring & Quad Stretches, Rocking Side Lunges, and 2 light-medium jogs around field (2 lines, 5-6 players each line)

15 minutes Footwork, Body Control, Speed and Agility Training- Coaches to set up 3 stations and rotate players every 5 minutes.

• Station #1: Set up in outfield- Crossover Sprint Drill
• Station #2: Set up at shortstop- Circle Cone Scoop
• Station #3: Set up at 2nd base position- Plyometric Bound

25 minutes Hitting Session – Focus on correct bat path. Avoid long swing.- Coaches to set up 3 stations and rotate players every 8  minutes.  Each hitter will get 7-10 swings at each station with coaches’ assistance.

  • Bat Angle Drill
  • Catch Drill
  • Bat Path Drill
30 minutes Team Defense —double, possible triple scenarios

Coaches and players review double, possible triple situations, scenarios and position responsibilities.The players interact with each other and the coaches in describing what is happening both defensively and offensively, and what their responsibilities are during those situations.

1) Double, Possible Triple Down Right Field Line-Bases Empty, Runners On 2nd, Or 2nd And 3rd

2) Double, Possible Triple Down Left Field Line-Runner On 1st, 1st And 3rd, Or Bases Loaded

3) Double, Possible Triple Down Left Field Line – Bases Empty, Runner On 2nd, Or 2nd And 3rd



Activity Video References
Education on proper pitching mechanics with focus on generating momentum toward the target and following the throw
Introduction to mental skill development for pitchers
Proper hitting mechanics  – Focus on correct bat path. Avoid long swing
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